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Traditional Butchers

Albury can now enjoy a proper, traditional butcher with only the highest quality meats on offer. Meat Talk believes in honesty and quality, so nothing they’ll sell you is disguised or masked. What you see is what you get, and what you get is free range, pasture raised grass fed beef, locally sourced pork, La Ionica chicken that tastes better than you’ve ever had and fresh free range eggs from local farms!

Fresh, Quality Meats

I hand make our sausages with fresh meat and quality ingredients, with special dietary orders available on request. I believe that happy customers make happy butchers, so I want to ensure that you leave with something that’ll put a smile on your face - it makes my job that much better! I am dedicated to providing meat that will reward you on the dinner table and in your wallet, so that you can get the most tender, juicy and tasty meat without breaking the bank.

Meat the Butcher

Wade has over 30 years experience in the meat industry, Starting out at his local Butcher in MT Gambier after school and Saturday mornings, and then going on to complete his Butchering apprenticeship at the age of 19. Wade has worked in all aspects of the meat industry from small shops to large processing rooms as well as supermarkets. His love of the traditional style of Butchering attracted him to buying his own shop where he can enjoy his craft, keeping the traditional art of butchering alive. Whole carcass butchering is what Wade loves to do! I became a butcher to be a butcher, not slicing meat out of a cardboard box!

Quality meats in the heart of Albury/Wodonga

Meat Talk.

344 Union Rd, Lavington NSW 2641
(02) 6040 7888

Meat Pack Specials

Pack One

- 400g Bacon
- 1 Dozen Eggs


Pack Two

-  12 Pack Rissoles 12 Thin Sausages.
-  1kg Chicken Nibbles 500g Lean Beef Mince.

$ 40

Pack Three

- 1kg Lean Mince 6 Beef Burgers
- 500g Diced Steak 500g Bacon
- 2 Chicken Fillets
- 1kg Thin Sausages
- 4 Chicken Schnitzels
- 1 Dozen Eggs

$ 90

Pack Four

- 4 Chicken Fillets 4 Chicken Schnitzels
- 1 Size 16 Chicken 4 Chicken Kievs
- 1kg Pork Chops 1kg BBQ Chops
- 2kg Leg of Lamb 1kg Mince
- 1kg Diced Steak 1.5kg Silverside
- 1kg BBQ Steak 2kg Thin Sausages

$ 260



It’s all local at Meat Talk, with locally grown beef, locally grown lamb, high-quality tasty pork from local farmers, even our sausages are made from local cuts of meat!

From burgers & patties to minces, La Ionica chicken to farm free-range pork, sauces & relish to pet food, at Meat Talk we make sure we talk the talk with every cut we send out the door. Even our organic farm free-range eggs are the best quality we can find!

  • Sausages

    A wide range of sausages to choose from including gluten-free options. All sausages are made gluten free using natural casings in beef, pork, lamb and chicken options and all made in store.

  • Bulk Meats

    Can cater for wholesale orders, sides of beef, full lambs or pork, freezer packs made to family requirements, birthday parties, work functions, special events and sports clubs etc.

  • High Quality Tasty Pork

    All sourced pork is local and free-range. Our pork has amazing flavour and texture that you will definitely taste the difference. Our free range pork creates delicious crackling that will impress.

  • La Lonica Chicken

    Sourced locally from renowned and leading local wholesaler. Processed without chemicals or hormones. “It’s the chicken I’m pickin"

  • Burgers & Patties

    Wide range or different varieties from basic rissoles to gourmet style. A taste for everyone, all made in store.

  • On Skewers

    The best on the border for just meat or meat and vegetable. A meal on a stick. A kids favourite is our honey and soy variety.

  • Sauces & Relish

    Wide variety of sauces and relishes showcasing the local produce by a range of different producers.

  • Locally Grown Beef

    All beef is sourced from the Mitta Valley Grass Fed Beef Co-op. Comes as a hanging product. All break up and process is done in store which produces the highest quality flavour and tenderness.

  • Slow Cooker Ready

    A variety of easy meal options for those that are time poor and looking for an easy, tasty meal option including Butter Chicken, Massaman Beef, Lamb Curry, Sweet & Sour Pork plus other varieties.

  • Quality Lamb

    We source the best and tenderest lamb from leading meat wholesalers. Spring lamb is delicious and succulent. Crumbed lamb cutlets are amazing and everyones favourite.

  • Minces

    We make the highest quality lean beef mince and are able to make lamb, pork, chicken to order. No preservatives or water added so you are getting the best quality pure meat mince.

  • In The Freezer

    If you are looking for something out of the ordinary we have lambs brains, beef tripe etc.

  • Free Range Eggs

    Our eggs are sourced from Lake Hume Free Range Eggs, 800 grams. The best eggs available in the Albury Wodonga area.

  • Pet Food

    Cut up bones, marrow bones, chicken frames, chicken necks, off cuts. Pet mince is available as frozen product (no preservatives). Talk to us for any special requirements.

Meat Talk has you covered

We’re an independent butcher with fresh meat from only the highest quality meat suppliers so that you can rely on us when you need a feed. Our butcher shop is a place where you can come to get consistent, high-quality proteins at great prices. Serve up Meat Talk’s locally sourced pork and chicken or pasture-raised grass-fed beef and they’ll never leave! Talk to us about our bulk meats available, we do our best work when we’re trimming, slicing, dicing and tying cuts of meat to your specifications. You won’t find a finer selection of cuts from locally grown meat anywhere in Albury/Wodonga.

Suppliers of Mitta Valley Beef

Mitta Valley is nestled under the Australian Alps where our farms change with the seasons. High rainfall and fertile soils allow to grow and rear premium produce.

All produce must come from the Mitta Valley catchment and meet our stringent quality controls. We know how special our environment here is and we continually strive to improve it as we want our next generation to receive our farms in a better condition than what we started with.

So for fresh, quality and traceable produce, look for the Mitta Valley brand – it’s more than just food.

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Thinking fresh meat?

With our wealth of traditional experience and the wide range of local meat products available, we can solve any dinner table argument!

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344 Union Road, Lavington NSW 2641


Phone: 02 6040 7888
Hours: Monday to Friday (12.00pm to 6:00pm)
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